About IASWG Massachusetts

The International Association for Social Work with Groups (IASWG)

Our Mission 

Adopted June 2004: The Association for the Advancement of Social Work with Groups, Inc. (AASWG), An International Professional Organization, is a not-for-profit organization of group workers, group work educators, and friends of group work who support its program of advocacy and action for professional practice, education, research, training and writing about social work with groups. Within this group work context, we believe in the value and importance of diversity to enrich and strengthen our work and its relevance in the broad social environment. We affirm that we aspire to provide equitable opportunities for participation for all members, and that all aspects of the organization will be characterized by respect for, inclusion, and representation of people across all aspects of social identity. Committed to social justice, IASWG gives particular attention to people systemically disadvantaged by the power differential inherent in oppressive social structures.

IASWG History

Founded in 1979, the International Association for Social Work with Groups (formerly the Association for the Advancement of Social Work with Groups / AASWG), is the premier professional organization for social workers and allied helping professionals engaged in group work. The purpose of this non-profit, member-driven organization is to promote excellence in group work practice, education, field instruction, research and publication. The goals of this Association are realized through a program of action and advocacy at both the local and international levels. To read more about IASWG history, click here. 

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